Download Release 1.4.3

logo CodeCity comes as a self-contained, ready-to-run application. It is available for Mac OS X and Windows. I also added a CodeCity image-only for other operating systems such as Linux (you need to install VisualWorks on your system before running CodeCity). Based on the characteristics of your machine, choose your CodeCity download below. For a detailed description of the new features in the current release, check out the release history of CodeCity.

CodeCity for Windows

On Windows, CodeCity comes as standalone, executable file.

CodeCity for Windows
55.3 MB

CodeCity for Mac OS X

CodeCity runs on both types of architecture (PPC and Intel) and is also available as an application running under X11. On Tiger, one needs to install X11, configure it and start X11 before running CodeCity, while on Leopard X11 is preinstalled and it is automatically started when CodeCity (or any other application that needs X11) is started. Running CodeCity under X11 is the preferred option, because it speeds up the OpenGL rendering.

CodeCity for Mac OS X CodeCity for Mac OS X, X11
64.5 MB 70.0 MB

CodeCity for other operating systems

If you have VisualWorks Smalltalk 7.6 installed on your system, you can use the image provided here to run CodeCity.

CodeCity for other OSs
54.6 MB

First steps

After you unzip the archive, all you need to do is copy the application or image file (in the case of other OSs) to your hard drive and you're ready to go.

Starting CodeCity:
For both Windows and Mac (not under X11) you just need to double-click on the application to run it. If you chose the Mac version under X11, you need to have X11 installed and if you are not running Leopard, you also need to have X11 running before starting CodeCity. For users of other operating systems, first you need to have VisualWorks installed. To run CodeCity, open VisualWorks and point it to the image file you downloaded.